Sexy audio stories that let your imagination run wild

Yuu is a sexy audio storytelling app designed to help you relax, pleasure, and fall asleep. We aim to create healthy change through body reconnection for women and couples. 


Listen up.

Erotic audio stories for women and couples that help create healthy change through body


Reconnect with your body

Create a better bedtime routine.


Explore your desires


Where fantasies become real

Stories can be influential, especially sexual ones. You might have heard of Literotica, but this is much better. Use your own imagination to fill the blanks in your own way.

Sexy audio stories to fit any desire

Yuu was created for Women and Couples and is also LBGTQ friendly. More than 80% of listeners say that Yuu had a positive effect on their sexual wellness. The best part is that the stories leave you hands free!